National 4 and 5 PE

Earlston High School – Physical Education – National 4 and National 5

Homework tasks

For information on all of the latest homework tasks please click on the homework tab at the top of this page.



Throughout S4 you will be required to complete a range of assessment tasks:

Section 3 Preparation – Portfolio

All pupils

Practical assessment at the end of each activity

Class based test to check progress – written

National 5 Factors Impacting on Performance Unit Assessment – written

Added Value Practical Performance

National 4 pupils

National 4 Factors Impacting on Performance Unit Assessment – written

National 5 pupils

Short Added Value papers – written

Portfolio – written

National 4/5 Textbook

The National 4/5 textbook was published on the 10th February 2014. The book is a great resource and will help you with your unit assessments and portfolio. Here is a link to buy the book:

Revision Material

Factors Table

The following table is a guide to each of the 4 factors at each stage of the cycle of analysis.

EHS Factors Table

Factors (all features) and their Impact on Performance

Factors and their impact on performance

Data Gathering Methods

MESP – Data Gathering booklet

Training Approaches

MESP – Training approaches described

Cycle of Analysis

Do you understand this vital piece of N4/5 PE? Read through this document about the Cycle of Analysis.

cycle of analysis

Revision booklet – Physical Factor – fitness

N4-5 PE Information booklet – physical factor – fitness

Question booklet – Physical Factor – fitness

N4-5 PE Revision questions – physical factor – fitness


N 5 Mental Factors Information Sheet

N5 aspects of fitness info sheet

N5 pot info sheet

N5 Tactics information sheet

National 4+5 factors and features


BLANK general observation schedule

BLANK focused observation schedule – skills

T.P Template – physical fitness

T.P Template – physical skills

Match Analysis Sheet Badminton

Match Analysis Sheet BB N5


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